Chios Portraits

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Wind power

This is image #49 (out of 100) – and corresponding text by John Slade – of our book on refugees and volunteers on the Greek Island of Chios.

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The day is coming when the wind and the sun—not shiploads of oil—will power the homes of Chios.

The wind that filled the sails of Odysseus, the wind that filled the sails of these old mills, will soon spin the blades of modern offshore wind turbines.

The sun that warmed the face of Penelope while she watched for her husband to return, will soon bring its spark to the island.

As oil diminishes, so shall diminish a major cause of war . . . and of refugees.

With the wind, with the sun . . . comes peace.

John Slade

The Drops provide food and care

The Drop in the Ocean volunteers provide both food and care to small and large refugees in Greece…

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The gentle fingers of a Drop touch the cheek of a Little One, peering warily at her. She has given him fresh orange juice to drink.  And she has given him a touch of comfort.

She will take home with her in her heart this moment, forever.

John Slade

Girl from the south

Girl from the south (image #0093 out of 100)…

From our book (containing 100 images and corresponding texts) about refugees and Drop in the Ocean volunteers on the Greek Island of Chios…

The book will be published autumn 2016. Pre order your copies here...


May the girls from the south join the girls from the north as they grow up together, so that women of unprecedented strength shall walk upon the Earth.

John Slade

This is who we are

This image is the last, number 100, to be featured in our book about refugees and volunteers in Greece.

Eirik J. Solheim’s pictures and John Slade’s text.

Refugee father and son in Souda camp on Chios Island in Greece
Refugee father and son in Souda camp on Chios Island in Greece

This is who we are. This is the spirit that we bring with us. Let us weave our many cultures into the fabric of a far better world.

Let us honor the Creator—your Creator, my Creator—by helping each other to become the fulfillment of his sacred dream.

John Slade

Boy with orange juice

Our book about refugees and volunteers in Greece will be ready for printing in a few weeks.

The book features author John Slade’s reflections on Eirik J. Solheim’s images. Drop in the Ocean General Secretary, Trude Jacobsen and Drop in the Ocean Chios Field Coordinator Janne Hegna will write the prefaces.

The book will contain 100 black and white images and the same number of corresponding texts – short (as the one below) and long.

This is image and text is number 7 in the book (in the book all images are on the right page and the corresponding text on the left (verso) page).

As it would be a pity if we printed too few copies, we urge you to pre order you copy or copies here…


Wonderful Greek orange juice for breakfast, with a big piece of bread.

Note the smile around the straw.

John Slade

Book Layout

This is how the layout (most likely) will look like in the printed book (with a 2:3 (portrait) format image).

The design is different with landscape format images…

The size of the book is 20 x 25 cm portrait (about 8 x 10 inches). Text by John Slade on left (verso) side, and black and white photograph by Eirik Solheim on right (recto) side.

InDesign is used for the layout.

Layout of the Chios Portraits book

The first image

Eirik: “The following image from the Tabakika refugee camp on Chios Island is the image to be presented first in our Chios Portraits book, with John’s text (below the image here, the layout of the book will be different…).

The image was captured in the women and children’s breakfast line on a morning in March when I visited Chios for the first time.”


A little girl in a refugee line.  Her mother’s hand guards her shoulder.  Her mother’s other hand holds a younger brother or sister.  The girl wears a new coat, given to her by a stranger.

This little girl looks ahead with great reluctance.  After all that she and her family have been through, what is coming next?

John Slade