Chios Portraits

Welcome to this website about our book project, called Chios Portraits. Both author John Slade and photographer and surgeon Eirik Johan Solheim have volunteered for the Norwegian Non-Govermental Organisation (NGO) A Drop in the Ocean, in Greece.

Eirik had been visiting his wife and Chios Coordinator for Drop in the Ocean (since January 2016), Janne Hegna, twice, when the project started, and had started documenting the life of refugees, volunteers and locals, by photography. At the same time, John was working on texts on the refugee situation (as well as energy and global warming).

Refugee boy with orange juice and sandwich provided by Drop in the Ocean

In May 2016, John and Eirik got to know each other on social media and discovered they had common friends and connections – and a common desire to make a book about the situation for refugees and volunteers.

Thus, John and Eirik decided on working together on a Chios Portraits book with John’s reflection on Eirik’s black and white images of refugees, volunteers and locals on the Greek Island of Chios.

Drop volunteer and refugee boy making friends

Trude Jacobsen has promised to write the General Secretary’s Preface and Janne Hegna the Chios Coordinator’s Preface, to provide a better understanding of the longer lines of the situation.

The project has two main purposes; to enhance the awareness and understanding of the refugee situation (and the work of international and local volunteers), and to raise funds for the work of Drop in the Ocean.

We do the work on this book free of charge and all income goes directly to Drop in the Ocean. However, the printing cost is considerable (NOK 100,000-150,000) and will have to be paid before we start having income for the sale of the book. This is why we ask you all to consider donating for the printing process and pre-order the book.

On this website we will keep you updated about the progress of the book, the donations, time of release as well as some behind the scenes and sneak peeks…

Stay tuned !

PS. There may be more than one book in the pipeline, thus the plural name of the website… DS.