Boy with orange juice

Our book about refugees and volunteers in Greece will be ready for printing in a few weeks.

The book features author John Slade’s reflections on Eirik J. Solheim’s images. Drop in the Ocean General Secretary, Trude Jacobsen and Drop in the Ocean Chios Field Coordinator Janne Hegna will write the prefaces.

The book will contain 100 black and white images and the same number of corresponding texts – short (as the one below) and long.

This is image and text is number 7 in the book (in the book all images are on the right page and the corresponding text on the left (verso) page).

As it would be a pity if we printed too few copies, we urge you to pre order you copy or copies here…


Wonderful Greek orange juice for breakfast, with a big piece of bread.

Note the smile around the straw.

John Slade

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