As the Drop in the Ocean organisation is not a publisher nor a book store, and is afraid of loosing funds that otherwise would be used to feeding refugees, we are establishing the possibility of donate to the printing process (NOK 100-150,000 for 1,000 books) as well as the possibility of preorder the book.

By establishing donation and preorder possibility, we hope to be able to have most of the funds for the expenses available before the printing and start of the sale.

We are very happy to accept pre orders of the book ! Please fill in the form below and Drop in the Ocean officials will contact you to arrange payment and shipping  when the sale of the book starts this autumn, well before the Holiday Season (making it the perfect present !)

The exact price is difficult to predict, but our ambition is both a reasonable price (NOK 300-400) and a sales volume that generate at least a net income of NOK 100,000 for “Drops” to use for the benefit of the Refugees.

Still, for obvious economical reasons, we will not print more copies than we expect to sell, so to be sure to get a copy of the book, we urge you to pre order. It would be a pity if we printed too few…

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